Are your decks made from a metal mold?

Yes, all decks are from a metal, NFB Mold and pressed using a Hydraulic Press.

How long will my order take to arrive? 

Where is my tracking number? 

When do you ship? 

Please see the 'shipping' page for further information.

How do you pronounce Wush? 

It is spoken with a u rather than two o's. Like push with a w rather than a p.

Are you interested in collaborating with me/my company?

Yes, always looking to collaborate on projects with like minded individuals. Use the contact form to get in touch.

Where is Wush based?

All decks at Wush are made in Bristol, UK. Shipping worldwide.

Will you be selling 'insert deck name' again?

The stocks at Wush are usually all one off decks. Certain graphics will be repeated but generally there is only one of each deck listed for sale when stocks go live.

How can I find out when Wush stocks are?

Follow @wushdecks on Instagram for updates.

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